International Order of Merits Cambridge

Personal informatlon:

Date of birth: August 20, 1941 Place of birth: Razvođe, Oklaj

Address: Mladena Vodičke 5, Zagreb, Croatia, Europe


-Faculty of Economics Zagreb
-Faculty of Political Sciences

-Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade - postgraduate studies: International economlc relations

-Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb - doctorate degree


Croatian, French, English

Worklng experience

Required jobs of government administration of the Republic of Croatia, 1964-1971;
Institute of Economics Zagreb, 1971-1998 - the head of the Department for International Economic Relations;
Centre for Strategic Research and Department for Interdisciplinary Research:

senior research fellow, fields of economics and international economics; head and co-ordinator of projects of Ministry of Science and

Technology of the Republic of Croatia;


1. "Dialogue on Nazism and Globalisation", Adamić, Rijeka, 1998

2. "Strategy of Violence as the Strategy of Developmenft", Naprijed, Zagreb, 1996

3. "Critlcal Theoretlcal Review of New Political and Economic Structure of the New Europe", IDR review edition, Zagreb, 1992

4. "Macroeconomics and Health", EIZ, Zagreb, 1992

5. "Techno.scientific Revolution - who is it for?", Jugoart; Zagreb, 1990

6. "Economy of Violence and Genetics; Society and Technology", Rijeka, 1997

Man of the Year 1992, American Biographicalcal. Institute, USA.

Certificate of Merit for Distinguished service; Dictionary of International Biography, xxvth edition, IBC, Cambridge, 1991.

Certificate of 2000 outstanding scientists of the 20th century in honour of an outstanding contribution in the field of SCIENCE.
Signed and sealed at the International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, October 5, 1998.

Certificate of International Order of Merit, - Internatlonal Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, signed and sealed in Cambridge, England; this second day of September 1991.

Permanent member of the Croatian Academy of Economic Sciences

Member of the Croatian Council of European Movement (HVEP), Zagreb

Academician of the International Academy of Humanistic and Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation